130,000+ Views In 2016

With the end of another calendar year, I like to share an update about how Divorce Minister: Taking Adultery Seriously is doing.

This past year the blog experienced:

-130,000+ Views

-Nearly 60,000 unique visitors

-Traffic from over 170 different nations covering most of the globe!

Most of the visitors here are new visitors. Apparently, the need is still very great, and new “faithful spouses” are continuing to be minted at an alarming rate, sadly.

The good news about all of this is that we are not alone. Many have walked through the valleys of infidelity discovery, divorce, abuse, and/or abandonment. And many of us are doing well, praise the Lord, on this side of those trials (see here).

It does get better.

The other good news is the message is getting out about taking adultery seriously! I continue to be amazed and humble that a little blog I started initially just for immediate family and friends has literally touched the lives of thousands around the globe.

It is a joy to see God redeeming my dark seasons as a source of spiritual counsel and healing for others!