33rd Anniversary!


My Birthday!

Today, I turn 33 years old.

And I am enjoying an abundant life! I love my family–Mrs. DM and Munchkin. They fill my life and heart with joy and laughter. I thank God regularly for giving my gals to me.

It is hard to believe life can be this good…especially after it was sooo bad!

Ministry is flourishing. Regularly, I receive positive feedback from families at my day job as a hospice chaplain. Plus, I know I am making a difference through this website and all the connections I’ve made with those here.

As an INFJ, I am a happy camper.

And I give God my thanks!

Besides working as a hospice chaplain, raising a little girl, and being a husband, I also do weight training. I need a physical outlet in all my endeavors. It is very stress reducing and helps me think.

I’ve been weight lifting since I was 13 years old or so. Since I played in undergraduate as a football player, I really have not pushed myself as hard. But I do enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush from pushing my body to its strength limits.

Some get that thrill by running marathons–Mrs. DM, ah-hum–but I think that is just crazy. My thrill comes from going after a greater maximum at the bench press. Five years ago, I hit my all time best of 425 pounds just before my 28th birthday. I thought I would never get there again.


“Just” 405 lbs on the bench press (pictured above)

Last week Monday, I broke my personal record. I put up 430 pounds (195 kilos) on the bench press. The adrenaline rush was awesome 😉

Life is precious.

Just three short years ago, the idea of ending it all looked attractive.

I did not feel like I had anything left for which to live.

If I had listen to the despairing lies of Satan three years or so ago, I would have never saw this day, my 33rd birthday. I would never have broken my personal record on bench. Many would never have experienced my ministry. Munchkin would not have found a father in me. And Mrs. DM would never have had me as her husband.

I would have missed out on all the abundance God has subsequently poured into my life.

What a wonderful gift is life…33 years and counting!

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  1. Happy birthday! You are so young! and yet you’ve already been through so much, and achieved so much. Very encouraging for the rest of us.

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