A Good Point From A Country Song

62270_10150273391880441_676192_nTimes following infidelity discovery are usually times of great confusion.

It’s like one has been thrown into the deep end of a pool and sunk to the bottom. Things that used to be easy are now made difficult. It’s hard to move, hear, and see in the deep waters. It is disorienting to put it mildly. The searing pain of the betrayal and all the grief over catastrophic losses make clear thinking rather difficult. The world is not safe anymore. Your most trusted relationship has been violated with your partner contemptuously rejecting the most sacred vow made to another human.

Commonsense is desperately needed.

The following song is about what love is not. Please forgive the Country twang. I like how Josh Turner points out the obvious about what actions say in regards to love–i.e. this is not love.

I think it is a good reminder.

Much needed in surviving the deep end of infidelity discovery.


4 thoughts on “A Good Point From A Country Song”

  1. Twang aside, LOL… Josh Turner makes a good point that all those who’ve experienced adultery should remember when the time comes to start dating, etc…I find myself with anger and trust issues, and I question my judgement now. I question what love is, was, will be. In spite of those doubts and questions, I know what it IS NOT. It starts with the little foxes- not knowing how to say “I’m sorry”, not being able or willing to compromise, not being able to accept responsibility, not being honest and transparent, not communicating needs or listening. While we betrayed don’t force our spouses to be unfaithful, I can say that I now watch for and notice character traits and behaviors that make it possible, that I’ve overlooked in the past.

    1. I love that song too! I hope it becomes my ex’s anthem! Ooops, too late for him, I believe he already bought his one way ticket!

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