An Anti-Anniversary: Rising From The Ashes


DM in 2012

It’s so hard to believe today marks the three year anniversary of my marriage ending in divorce. I will always remember when I got the official word of this and how awful it felt. I did not feel like celebrating. It was the end of my six year long marriage. However, I am not particularly sad about the event these days.

I am too busy enjoying the new life and new family God has given me!

Mrs. DM is such a talented woman and a wonderful friend. I feel grateful everyday that God brought her (and the Munchkin) into my life. Part of why it is hard to believe my divorce only took place three years ago is that it is hard to imagine my life without these special gals in it!


I do not know where you are on your journey.

Maybe your divorce anniversary is dominated by grief over the losses? That is okay. No shame in that.

Maybe you are heading down the road of divorce right now after discovering infidelity? It might look completely black ahead. I get it as that is how I felt three years ago today. The future looked especially dark–relationship-wise.

I just want to encourage you wherever you find yourself. It might look dark but God is still at work. I could not envision the future I currently inhabit as my divorce was finalized.

Yet here I am today in a life that outshines my past even on its brightest days!

If God did that for me, He certainly can do that sort of thing for you.

Do not give up hope…

…God does His best work when all hope seems lost!

2 thoughts on “An Anti-Anniversary: Rising From The Ashes”

  1. I remember that day as well. Waiting for the news and finally getting it. I remember you taking off the ring you had continued to wear until that moment.

    I am so glad life has taken a different turn for you.

    You are in my prayers brother.

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