Are Evangelicals Really Going To Support A Brazen Cheater For President?!

Politics are something that have become less and less important to me. However, sometimes certain things rise to the top and just bug me! Usually, they are stories of the powerful lying or running rough-shod over the vulnerable. Today’s post deals directly with the issues this blog tackles–namely evangelicals and infidelity.

I write this post today to make the point that an evangelical has no business supporting a politician like Donald Trump who clearly sees no problem in breaking a marriage covenant. 

It is not a secret that GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump cheated on his first wife with his second. He is now married to another woman who happens to be his third wife (that he reportedly met while still married to his second wife!) And that is just pointing at the women he married.

Sadly, he was involved with more.

According to a recent Washington Post article quoting Donald Trump, he does not seem one bit ashamed of cheating. Cheating seems to just be another way for him to stoke his ginormous ego. It strikes me like the locker-room jock-talk about dudes trying to prove their “manhood” by bedding the hottest girls on campus. Trump, as quoted in the Washington Post article, even stated that he “had” rather prominent women including married one(s)!

You might think cheating on your wife (or wives?) and breaking you marriage covenant made with God as well (see Malachi 2) might be worthy of asking God for forgiveness. If you thought this in regard to Trump, you would be wrong. As the YouTube clip above demonstrates, Trump did not bring up his admitted marital infidelity as something for which he needed to ask God’s forgiveness.

As an evangelical pastor and infidelity survivor myself, this issue alone bothers me greatly! 

What bothers me even more is the level of evangelical support this candidate is able to draw despite this well-known history of infidelity. I guess cheating and not seeking explicit forgiveness for cheating is okay to a large group of evangelical voters. Crazy.

Apparently, we still have a long way to go in the evangelical church towards taking infidelity seriously!

5 thoughts on “Are Evangelicals Really Going To Support A Brazen Cheater For President?!”

  1. The short answer to your opening question “yes”. Because as many Christian Chumps can testify that he cheated on his spouse and broke his marriage covenant can be provided multiple excuses and evangelical cures. The real problem is the average Joe’s inability to forgive. We are all too bitter to accept a man like Trump. Be wise America, be wise.

  2. POLITICS (some excerpts from…

    “Use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control…to ‘play politics’, to engage in…intrigue, take advantage…exploit…relationships….to deal with people in an opportunistic, manipulative, or devious way…”

    Sounds like the ideal career for cheaters, IMO. As far as the presidential race, so many bad choices, so little time. But I sure won’t be voting for DT.

  3. I cannot believe so many evangelicals are supporting this man. He is an obvious narcissist and cheater galore. When he quoted the bible it seemed like the most awkward and out of place thing I’d seen in a long time. If he gets voted into the White House in November and then the 2020 election is between him and Kanye, I’m moving to Canada. Ugh!

  4. I actually want Trump to win the republican nomination, because I am a democrat. I think any democrat running against Trump would definitely win. While I dislike the fact that he is a cheater, there are many other reasons not to vote for Trump as president. I mean, he said he wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico. Despite the massive expense that would entail, I’m certain that immigrants are intelligent and determined enough to find a way under, over or around said wall. I say we just let Trump talk as much as he wants and it will help someone else become president.

  5. Also, sadly, I think cheating is all to excusable to evangelicals as long as a political candidate is pro-life and against same-sex marriage. Even if there are many good reasons not to vote for a candidate, some evangelicals will still consider that person the “Christian candidate”. It’s like voting for such a person makes you a “responsible Christian”. I have no idea why some evangelicals act like that candidate’s policies or lack of other Christian values is irrelevant.

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