Bravo: “Luv Guv” Bentley Bounced By Baptist Pastor

[Pastor] McKee asked [Former Governor] Bentley and Mason [Other Woman] to admit to the ongoing affair. They admitted a relationship, but refused to publicly confess, Hannah said. McKee then removed Bentley from his leadership roles in the church and asked Bentley and Mason to leave First Baptist Tuscaloosa.

-Dakin Andone reporting (CNN) in “Alabama ‘Luv Guv,’ mistress were dismissed from church”

Robert Bentley of Alabama recently resigned his position as governor amidst the scandal surrounding an affair and his abuse of his position to cover up said affair.

The above quote’s context is in regards to a meeting Robert Bentley’s pastor, Dr. Gil McKee, had with both the cheaters and their faithful spouses. They were all part of the same church, First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa.

I raise this story to applaud the courage of Pastor McKee and to show a positive example of church leadership taking the biblical stance of intolerance towards infidelity among its members.

Pastor McKee did the right thing in confronting Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason over their infidelity. He gave them the opportunity to confess and repent. 

Clearly–at least, from the article’s reporting–they chose not to repent. So, Pastor McKee took the next steps in biblically dealing with this sin:

He removed Robert Bentley from his leadership position at the church and asked the cheaters to leave the church (see I Corinthians 5:11-13).


I am so thankful to read a story about a pastor with the courage to confront a prominent cheater with the biblical expectation of confession and repentance as it comes to an affair.

Further, it was nice to read of a pastor supporting faithful spouses as that is what he was doing by confronting the cheaters and then asking the cheaters to leave the church when they refused to make a public confession.

Make no mistake:

This is an awful situation.

Such is life whenever such evil as marital infidelity has occurred.

However, I am grateful to read a story where a pastor did not just turn a blind eye towards the infidelity. Even more so, I am grateful that a brother in the Lord chose to support the faithful partners instead of turning on them as so often happens in these situations, sadly.

Well done, Pastor McKee!

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  1. Yes! Wonderful to see scripture properly applied instead of getting the typical “Love covers a multitude of sins” response.

  2. This pastor may have done Bentley a huge favor! Perhaps, Bentley will consider repentance after experiencing consequences for his behavior.

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