Called Good Friday 4 Good Reasons!

“But this is your hour—when darkness reigns.”

-Luke 22:53b, NIV

Good Friday is good news for all who have experienced times when darkness reigned.

What I mean about that is how the Cross speaks to the darkest of evil–namely, the killing of God–and yet also speaks to how that darkness cannot triumph even when it kills God’s only begotten Son.

I love the Cross.

It gives me hope in a world broken by sin. When darkness seems complete, the Cross reminds us that even then it can break forth into glorious day.

So, this Good Friday I write to encourage those of you dealing the darkest of evil. Maybe you feel without hope today.

Do not give up hope!

The God who raised Jesus from the grave is still on His throne and more than able to transform the darkness of your Good Friday into the brightness of your Resurrection morn!

I am a witness that God did so for me!