Catchy Tune About Recovering…”It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To”

While I do not condone or recommend using alcohol to deal with heart-break, I appreciate some of the lessons this catchy tune from Billy Currington highlights about recovering. 

Two points I particularly appreciate:

  1. The singer refuses to lie about the pain. 

The pain and grief is worse if we refused to acknowledge the obvious: It hurts to be rejected like this! The first step to recovering is being willing to accept the truth of the situation. This includes both accepting the awful truth over what happened to you as well as how that has impacted you emotionally. It is okay to be hurt for being cheated on and rejected. That is actually an expected response of a healthy individual to such circumstances. 

  1. He shares his story over and over.

Through the song, we hear about the singer telling the story of his relationship ending. I think this story sharing is vital. The act of sharing the story with a trusted friend is not about being bitter. It is about healing from the awful circumstances. I believe sharing the story is the necessary work we do to help us come to a place of acceptance that what happened actually happened (as well as coming to the conclusion that feeling angry and hurt over it is not a crazy response).