Celebrating Record Shattering Month–10,000+ Views!


March Madness Indeed!

This past month saw the highest volume of visitors to the blog ever for a calender month. We had over 10,000 views from nearly 3,000 unique individuals hailing from over 65 different countries of origin. It is encouraging to see the word is getting out there even if that indicates the need and interest is great.

Just as we celebrate this blog milestone, I hope you take time for celebrating milestones in your life even during the dark times. It is easy to overlook those accomplishments and graces when struggling but I hope you pause long enough to see God at work in your life and His faithfulness. Maybe it means you have a good job even in the chaos? Maybe it means you completed an academic/training program as I did in the mess? Maybe it is a hug from your kid? Whatever it is, do not forget to celebrate.

Blessings and thanks!







2 thoughts on “Celebrating Record Shattering Month–10,000+ Views!”

  1. Yeah, YOU! {{{{{APPLAUSE / APPLAUSE / APPLAUSE!!!!}}}}}

    But most of all, yeah to our beloved Father & His precious son, Jesus! That you seek to expound their words and teachings to those of us who have walked this darkest of paths is truly a labor of love!

    Preach it, DM, and……..ForgeOn!

    PS: Love to Feisty and Munchkin!

  2. Congrats! It seems very appropriate at this time of the year! A celebration of renewal! Keep up the great work, it is solace and salve to all of our broken hearts! Thank you!

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