Cheating Does NOT Justify Cheating.

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

-Exodus 20:14, KJV

This morning I was listening to the radio when someone came on seeking relationship advice. His fiancee recently became pregnant, and he assumed he was not the father as he had secretly had a vasectomy.

Because she conceived, he concluded she cheated and proceeded to sleep with five different women to date. After this, he checked and discovered he COULD have fathered the child.

What amazed me about the whole conversation over whether or not to tell the fiancee about his cheating and hidden vasectomy was how it was almost assumed he was off the hook if she had cheated.

Whether or not she cheated does not change the moral fact that cheating is wrong and he cheated on her WITH FIVE DIFFERENT WOMEN !

You do not get a pass to cheat just because you were cheated on. We probably have heard it said before:

Two wrongs do not make a right.

End the relationship and move on if you have a problem with someone cheating. It does not give you a “pass” to do the same thing. Cheating as a way to get “even” is unhealthy, childish, and wrong.

Cheating does not justify cheating.

God did not put a clause in the prohibition on adultery giving a pass to faithful spouse to in turn become an adulterer/adulteress.

To be clear:

Adultery is always sin.

Adultery is always wrong.

Adultery is never justified.




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