Divorce Minister Anniversary: Glad & Sad


Blog Turned 5 Months Old Yesterday:


  • 9,943 Visitors

  • Coming from 90+ Countries

All these are the stats as I write this, one day past the blog anniversary. It is amazing how this ministry continues to grow and how it clearly has touched many lives already even though it is still in its infancy. Thanks for all your the support. To God be the glory! (“Great things He has done….” as the song goes.)

Today is another anniversary for me as well.

It is a sad anniversary that sort of ambushed me this afternoon. I find myself close to tears today and while I was writing out today’s date it occurred to me: Today is the second anniversary of my divorce becoming final. Now, it makes a little more sense why I’ve been so easily moved to tears this day. (And it probably doesn’t help that it is overcast in weather here in Minnesota.) I do believe my spirit recognized the date even if my mind didn’t until this late afternoon.

Funny how the heart retains things.

It’s sad.

And it is okay to feel sad.

Yes, even years after the death of a loved one or a marriage one once valued.

I hope you, too, allow yourself a sad day or two.

And I hope that you, too, allow yourself to notice the loss respecting the laws of your heart.

That said, today is also a glad day even with that sadness in that I see the fruit coming out of my first marriage’s ashes in this blog ministry.

And I am thrilled to see how God created a way for new life and an amazing new beginning with Mrs. DM and munchkin (tomorrow marks the anniversary of our engagement!)

My blessings are truly overflowing.

So, I guess today is a poignant day for me.

A mix of contrasting emotions.

Neither bad nor good.

Just Sad And Glad.


3 thoughts on “Divorce Minister Anniversary: Glad & Sad”

  1. Dear DM and Mrs. DM – so glad you are blessed to have found one another. It gives me hope that good things can come after pain and sadness. To think that this wonderful blog resulted from something awful…and DM, your acknowledgment of your sadness is honest and courageous.

  2. I’m so glad that even though you feel sadness that what you hoped and prayed would last a lifetime and I’m sure you did all you could to make your marriage work …I’m glad that you have a lifetime of happiness to look forward to with someone who will honor marriage. Praying God heals all the hurt completely.

  3. Congrats on the 5 months!! I pray for many, many more DM anniversaries.

    It is so true that the spirit will remember (for now). When I have an overflow of emotion and I wonder why, it always seems to be an anniversary or some sort.

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