Divorce Minister Blog Turns Two!

-Divorce Minister: Taking Adultery Seriously-

Two Years & 238,000+ Views!


Divorce Minister: Taking Adultery Seriously was launched to meet a need. And the response has definitely confirmed the need remains strong out there:



238,000+ VIEWS

Specifically, I looked out and noticed faithful spouses were suffering in their experiences trying to sort out discovering infidelity and negotiating their faith/faith community. I knew this was the case as I, too, had experienced such confusing and frustrating messages from several faith leaders when I had discovered my first wife being unfaithful.

Abuse of biblical texts were (and are) frequent. Adultery was and is, sadly, treated as less serious than divorce in practice. Finally, pastors often defer completely to psychologists on matters of infidelity instead of providing spiritual counsel grounded in solid biblical teachings. The sheep are hurting and harassed (Mt. 9:36).

My plan is to continue blogging and one day sit down to write the book as a fruit of all these musings as a resource for more people. Thank you all for making this blog such a success and please carry on in spreading the word so that we may change this sad state of affairs in “Christendom!”



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