Divorcing a Duggar?


Recent reports are suggesting that Anna Duggar has decided to divorce Josh Duggar.

This is a couple who rose to fame through TLC’s reality TV program “19 Kids and Counting.” It was a show following Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar plus their growing tribe. It is emblematic of a very conservative–some might say Fundamentalist–form of Christianity that firmly rejects divorce as an option, of course.

For those that missed it, Josh Duggar fell into infamy when his sexual molestation of his sisters plus one were made known then further when he was discovered as having an Ashley Madison account–i.e. an account marketed to facilitate adultery. He coped to cheating on his wife, Anna; and he entered “treatment” for a while for his “sex addiction.”

It is encouraging to hear–if true–that Anna Duggar has support from friends helping her past divorce stigma.

As I have written on this matter before, I wanted to give my readership this update. Some might think I am too divorce positive in this situation…especially as a Christian minister.

To be clear:

The tragedy here is not over Anna Duggar possibly choosing divorce, but rather the tragedy is over Josh Duggar blowing up his family by choosing to lie and cheat leading a treacherous, hidden double life.

Divorce shame is not something Anna Duggar or any faithful spouse ought to bear. God gives them permission to divorce a cheater without shame as God Himself divorced an adulterous Israel (e.g. Jeremiah 3:8, Matthew 19:9, etc.).

3 thoughts on “Divorcing a Duggar?”

  1. I agree. If she does choose to divorce… it’s not Anna who is to blame… but the Josh for not keeping the covenant vows in the first place. The marriage was already broken – through his abuse (adultery is another form of abuse) towards her and God. She gets to decide if the healing is good enough for her to stay or go – at any point now or in the future. Josh, has no say at this point, in my opinion.

  2. I can sure relate to this story. I married into a family where the parents were ministers and their sadly favored their son. I stayed married for 31 years to this man who cheated, lied and led a double life just as Josh D did. Listening to the crap advice of “God hating divorce” used against me, I stayed for the kids but mostly for “the appearance”. My X believed once saved always saved and that he could be a ‘Grace Abuser’ without consequences.

    My divorce was HELL and the blame was placed on me for being unforgiving, angry, raging, and not being the WIFE I should be. WOW and wow, after finding a site for women who were married too sex addicts – (i don’t believe that now, they are addicted to lying and cheating) someone suggested I look up DM. FINALLY I got biblical advice that did not blame me. Poor Anna will be blamed for not sticking by her abuser. JOSH will not change no matter what his fraudulent lifestyle has done to his entire family. Anna is young and will have a much better chance of freeing her mind and protecting herself and children from this predator. I pray she will recieve the real truth and end this madness. Josh already made his choices, he does not get to eat his cake anymore at Anna’s expense! xx

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