DM on Chris Hill’s Restoration to Ministry by TD Jakes

*Clip with “restored” Reverend Chris Hill preaching on “How to Recover All.”

Back in April 2017, Pastor Chris Hill resigned his senior pastor role at The Potter’s House of Denver after his alleged affair came to light. His wife alleged he had been cheating with their goddaughter (see link here).

T.D. Jakes restored Chris Hill in August. He declared,

“God said that if we confess our sins, that He is faithful and just to cleanse us from … all unrighteousness. I just believe that this is what the grace of God is for” (click here for video clip).

At the risk of sounding like “a hater,” I question the wisdom of restoring alleged cheating pastor to ministry after less than a year away. Character problems leading to cheating do not change overnight like that.

The fact that Chris Hill is preaching a message on recovering what was lost and says, “you have to learn how to ignore your haters.,” ought to say enough about his quality of transformations (link here).

Are they haters or the community who is trying to heal from your own (alleged) betrayal of their trust?!

Yes, I agree with T.D. Jakes about God’s forgiveness. But that says nothing about whether a person ought to be restored to a place of authority within the church.

Forgiveness does not erase all the consequences of the sin. It does not suddenly fix all the trust issues created by the betrayal(s). And it would be unwise to pretend it did.

Also, the fact that news source(s) are still talking about it as an “alleged” affair suggests to me that Chris Hill is far from owning his sin completely and thereby repenting completely of it. Do you really think that is the sort of pastor who is qualified to lead a congregation or teach God’s ways?


If they were mere false allegations, why did he step down from a job that he clearly enjoyed?!

I have my doubts about Chris Hill. Hopefully, he has faced his sin and truly repented. Only God really knows.

But what I read does not suggest he has.

2 thoughts on “DM on Chris Hill’s Restoration to Ministry by TD Jakes”

  1. Thank you so much for addressing this!
    I appreciate your perspective.
    I have been very disturbed by it all.

  2. Would they be as eager to restore a rapist? a murderer? a kidnapper? child molester? embezzler? and on and on.
    Remember the punishment in the OT was death by stoning for both adulterers. That is how serious this is taken by the Lord and to try to paper over the real and lasting effects is an insult to God IMO.

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