Evangelical Helpline For Struggling Marriages

Calling the Focus on the Family® Helpline


When the Other Man was revealed to me, I called a helpline to figure out my next steps. Specifically, I called the Focus on the Family® Helpline (1-855-771-HELP (4357)). It actually was supportive for me.

My mother had called earlier and had a very bad experience with the counselor on the phone who participated in blaming me for the marriage crisis. However, I had a very different experience when I called.

Maybe some of you have used this crisis line as well?

I told the counselor about the evidence I had. It did not take him more than a few seconds to diagnose the problem–i.e. my then wife was committing adultery and trying to get others to justify her cheating ways. He helped me see that I was not an abusive husband and that started me on the path of unplugging that particular lie from my (now) ex-wife. This counselor, also, exhorted me to take my evidence to our mutual pastor and ask him to confront my (now) ex-wife per Matthew 18 principles. I told the counselor that I did not think this pastor would do it, but the counselor insisted that I try. So, I asked this pastor to confront my ex (wife), and he predictably refused to do so citing that she was not attending regularly anymore plus he did not believe the evidence. I had to confront her myself, which I did.

While I do not agree with all of the teachings and positions of Focus on the Family® or Dr. Dobson, I am grateful for their help at this time. They were one evangelical voice that read the situation correctly and provided sound advice for dealing with the infidelity.

The reason I share this is to offer another resource for my readership to consider. It may be a mix bag as to how the counselor responds to your situation as my own mother discovered; however, I can tell you that in my personal experience the helpline took my (now) ex-wife’s infidelity seriously and applied the Biblical principles appropriately.