Get Your Own Divorce Lawyer!

If you are expecting someone who majored in deception to play fair during a divorce, then you are dangerously naive.

Please, get your own divorce lawyer!

Cheaters are notorious for trying to set the narrative and play by their own rules, which seem to change with their moods.

A divorce lawyer will force cheaters to deal with reality that they are not god and must follow the rules set by the state–not the cheater–in dissolving a marriage.

Like the Shrewd Manager in Luke 16, divorce attorneys often are far more street-wise than a pastor or priest when it comes to divorce and the antics of cheaters. At least, mine was.

Certainly, she was one of the clearest-sighted professional in the whole process of my marriage dissolution. 

Obviously, bad divorce attorney’s exist:

You do not want one who needlessly amps up the conflict and pads his/her pocket with billable hours. And you do not want one who does not speak up for your interests when they are clearly threatened.

Also, your divorce attorney is NOT your therapist. Please, find a good counseling professional instead of a lawyer billing you in fifteen minute increments to help you process your feelings and heal.