God Sent His Angels

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,
    and he delivers them. – Psalm 34:7


DM in 2012

If you look closely in this photo, you will see several orbs of light. They are strange manifestations. These sort of orbs do not appear in other pictures taken by the same camera. They are unique to the time and place of this photo.

Some might simply write this phenomenon off as caused by a dirty lens. Or others might just say I have the lighting off. Nothing significant here to see.

I like to think these orbs represent–or are–the angels God dispatched to protect me while I was extremely vulnerable. They were present during a time while I discovered my former spouse was cheating as well as before my career really was launched. If Satan could take me out, this was the time to do so–i.e. before my ministry really began in earnest. God would have none of that.

He listened to my and countless others’ prayers. God sent His angels to protect me.

Dealing with adultery is a spiritual battle.

Just as there are demons, I believe angels exist as well. I have spent a great deal of time writing about their darker counterparts, but today I want to remind us that God sends His angels as well. As the verse above explains, God uses angels for deliverance and protection. Jesus even teaches us that little children have angels (see Mt 18:10).

It makes sense that not only demons but also God’s heavenly angels are involved in the spiritual battle. This begs the question: I wonder if any of my readers had encounters with angels during their ordeals. How about you?

Can you testify to angelic protection as I am convinced I can?

2 thoughts on “God Sent His Angels”

  1. I do believe in angels and divine intervention and I do indeed have a story. Days before my mediation from my cheater was scheduled, my wonderful Father-in-Law died of an apparent heart attack. He died two days after his wife’s birthday. Oddly enough, my cheater had gone to finally visit after ignoring his parents for nearly a year in favor of his OW! My FIL was very disappointed in his son and told him he would NEVER allow “that woman” to cross the threshold of his home! He disliked her with a passion. My FIL was one of my biggest cheerleaders. He told me that although cheater was his son he believed I should divorce him, get everything and close that door behind me, throw away the key and go live a great life! He was my rock and I loved him dearly. I was there more than my ex during the last two years of his life despite my ex’s infidelity and my bout with cancer! He knew I loved and respected him and I was devastated when he died unexpectedly! Long story short, my kids and I went to the funeral two states away. My house was locked up tight. I have an unframed picture of my FIL on my mantel. That picture had been there for months, never slid, moved or has fallen! When we arrived home the picture was at least 3 feet from the mantle face down on the living room floor! It was more tha odd! I picked the picture up and placed it back on the mantle. Everyone tried all night long to get it to “fall”, but the picture didn’t move. It remains there the same way today. And funny thing, I went to mediation and my ex who had been telling everyone there was “no way in Hell” he was ever going to sign my proposal ended up signing and in record time! I think my FIL was telling me not to worry, that he had me covered! I sometimes wonder if he went to the Lord and pleaded my case and asked the Good Lords intervention??? It would be just like him to do something like that! And I know God was with me that day because I was oddly calm and it’s the only way I can think of that got my ex to sign! Divine intervention! Sorry this is so long!

  2. A year or so before my husband left me he took to psychologically torturing me by not allowing me to sleep. He would sit on the edge of the bed and keep me up all night by telling me what a horrible person I was, comparing me to his sickest clients (he was a licensed counselor), etc. etc. If I was lucky, he would allow me an hour or two of sleep at night. During the day, I could barely function due to tiredness, including falling asleep at work. After enduring months of this, I cried out to God and asked Him for specific help. That night I went to bed, fell asleep and was later awakened by a huge angel in a warrior outfit standing over me. I knew God had sent him to protect me. From that night onward my husband slept on the couch until he left me and he never abused in that manner again. I praise God for His protective angels as well as all other types of ministering angels!

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