Happy Thanksgiving 2015!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I can remember that first Thanksgiving without a spouse in the picture. It was rough. But I still had things for which to thank God.

He had moved so that I had a job and was just starting to get my footing in the career I love–i.e. professional chaplaincy. I had wonderful parents, brothers, and others who I had discovered would have my back in even the toughest struggles. I had a cat, Mr. Pickles, who gave me unconditional “love” when I needed it the most. Finally and most importantly, I had a renewed, vibrant faith in Jesus who saw me through the dark valleys!


These days I have so many blessings that they are hard to count–including a new family in Mrs. DM and Munchkin. Life does not end at divorce. And even though we might find ourselves this day in the darkest of valleys, we all have things or people for whom we can give thanks to God!

For whom or what are you thankful this Thanksgiving Day (here in the USA)?