A Hint from “Lover, Lover” by Jerrod Niemann

I like this song.

It is a catchy tune, and the fact that my (ex) wife hated the song–as I remember it–does nothing to diminish my enjoyment of this song. In fact, it probably increases it.

Her dislike of the song around the time it came out makes we wonder how long she had been engaging in cheating behavior. This song is very clearly intolerant of such bad behavior.

A cheater wanting to avoid consequences would likely hate this song.

So, I see it as a good song for faithful spouses. Call it a song about finding a spine and saying,



2 thoughts on “A Hint from “Lover, Lover” by Jerrod Niemann”

  1. Do you ever think that maybe you should stop talking about your ex so much and focus more on your current marriage and possibly the damage that you and her are forced to deal with because you were betrayed? I mean no disrespect. I love how you love the jaded. You stand up for them. Me. I find myself several yrs out. And it’s not about them anymore. It’s about me. How can I change these reactions I’ve been accustomed to delivering to something more healthy for me and my new partner? I find myself thinking of your current wife. I can only imagine how sad and painful it must be to live in the shadows but she has integrity, of the woman that hurt you. Much like my boyfriend.

    1. Ahahahaha-living in the shadow my a**! Thank you for your concern but it’s not needed in the least. The ex’s shadow stayed with the ex. It’s too cowardly to show it’s face. Muahaha.

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