Hope In God

“You Uphold” by Clay Edwards

This song ministered to my heart during some of my darkest times. It was especially encouraging for me as I was trying to get my feet back on solid ground–i.e. career-wise in particular. It helped to remember God’s perspective on my destiny is not a natural or human perspective. I hope this song ministers to your heart as it once did mine.

Here a link to the lyrics.

2 thoughts on “Hope In God”

  1. Submitted from Michael via email:

    I can’t wait to see part 2 of your review of this policy. What i don’t understand is why the EFCA find it necessary to produce it’s own policy when the policy is clear in scripture and should be taken verbatim. The fact that they’ve come to the conclusion that their own policy is un-biblical is good but at the same time seem asinine.

    “1. Divorce is permitted for two reasons: adultery (porneia) Matthew 5:32; 19:9; and desertion by an unbeliever 1 Corinthians 7:15″

    Why didn’t they just stick with this to begin with?

    Didn’t Israel development their own policy around the old testament to lead to a departure from God’s word, leading them down a path that resulted in idolatry and separation from God? How is what the EFCA doing different from this scenario?

    1. To be fair to the EFCA, we always have to interpret what is given to us. Often times, it is hard to grasp the text due to our own experiences and cultural biases. Thankfully, they are striving to allow Scripture to correct the distortion of those lens.

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