Jesus is madly in love with you! Believe it.


“I love Jesus. And on my good days, I actually believe He loves me, and–in fact–even enjoys my company.”


God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

-I John 4:16b, NIV

Believing in God’s love for us is made more difficult for those who have experienced great rejection. Such is the lot of the faithful spouse. Discovering adultery and experiencing an abandonment qualify as some of the greatest forms of rejection humans can experience.

But I do not think the struggle to believe in God’s love is limited to faithful spouses.

These days I have learned my anxiety level rises the more I loose sight of my beloved state. Resting in Jesus’ extravagant love is a refuge of peace.

His love silences the voices saying I have to perform to be loved and accepted. 

I’m loved simply by virtue of being God’s child.

His love quiets the troubled heart worrying about the future.

What can the world or other humans really do with Jesus on your side?!

When I actually believe that Jesus is wildly in love with me, it is a good day. A day where the cares of this world fade away in light of the only acceptance and love that ultimately counts in the end.