Kesha’s “Praying”–A Faithful Spouse Anthem

I know that you are pleased with me,
    for my enemy does not triumph over me.

-Psalm 41:11, NIV

Artist, Kesha, just dropped a few new songs after a long and troubled hiatus from the music world.

For those not following this story. The long and short is Kesha alleged she was seriously abused by her producer, Dr. Luke. She sued to escape her contract with him, yet law suit was unsuccessful.

This latest song, “Praying,” comes out of that context.

While I attribute my survival to God’s grace and mercy, I still do resonate with many of the lyrics of this song. It is a good reminder to those in the midst of the hot battle that life does, indeed, get better.

Many of us–faithful spouses–can look back and see a strength–like Kesha sings about–that we never knew we had.

But it is a strength I thank God for and NOT my cheating ex-wife 😉 




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