Labor Day Distraction

When my life was recently obliterated by the discovery of the other man plus my (now ex) wife serving me divorce papers, I took a trip to visit my best friends in New York City.

It was Labor Day weekend.

Now, I am not a huge NYC fan–no offense to those who love this city intended. It is not exactly an introvert haven with all its activity and press of crowds.

That said, this trip was just what I needed.

My friends provided a safe place to think about other things and occasionally talk about what was happening in my life. It was a good “distraction.”

Sometimes, faithful spouses need time to enjoy life-giving relationships and do things other than fixate on our disintegrating and bludgeoned marriages.

It is true that the marriage was in the background even in that trip to NYC. However, I did have truly enjoyable times apart from fixating on it.

I encourage you to try something like my short trip to NYC. You see, our souls need rest from the constant battle. We need to be willing to give it to them.