“Mistake” Minimization

“It was a mistake.” -Cheater

Adultery is far more than “a mistake.” The word just makes me cringe internally when I see or hear it used to talk about infidelity.

In one sense, the word is accurate. The person did something wrong. A “mistake” highlights that.

However, the word “mistake” trivializes what the cheater did.

It puts committing adultery in the same category as forgetting the milk  on a grocery run or taking a wrong turn on way to pick up a family member. Adultery stretches the category of “mistake” beyond its proper use, IMO.

The cheater did not “just” sleep with the other person. It is far more than one sexual act. They engaged in lying and stealing along with that act.

An accountant who transposes some numbers because he is tired makes a “mistake.” An accountant who transposes some numbers to steal money has committed a crime called embezzlement.

A judge is likely not fooled by the embezzler trying to pass off his criminal behavior as “a mistake.”

Why should we–faithful spouses–be any different with cheaters pulling the same stunt?!

2 thoughts on ““Mistake” Minimization”

  1. Even admitting “it was a mistake” doesn’t come until the fantasy love relationship that they blew the family up for fails, or a double life is exposed!

    It’s only even a “mistake” if THEY are the ones to “suffer” negative consequences as a result of their choices/actions/sins!

    1. I agree my cheater is only ‘sorry’ now, because his relationship with his AP is over. In his mind our pain is now the same (she dumped him) and he understand how some ‘things’ he did must of hurt me.
      Yes ok, your gf of around a year (10 months of that he was still married to me) dumping you is equal to you leaving your pregnant wife and 2 year old child. Our nearly a decade of shared history is nothing compared to the year he spend with her. It amazes me just how delusional he is and how he thinks that ‘apology’ is going to make me feel better.

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