More Attention? More Sex?

The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband.

-I Corinthians 7:3, NIV

Cheaters like to shift the blame upon faithful spouses after the fact!

-A cheating husband might attack his wife by talking about how he would never have cheated if they had had more sex.

-A cheating wife might attach her husband by talking about how she never would have strayed if only he had paid her more attention.

Lack of sex or lack of spousal attention is not the problem here!

The problem resides in the cheater thinking cheating is ever a justifiable or acceptable. It is sin. Does God ever say that it is okay to sin?!

Pouring more sex or more attention into the relationship will not solve the problem because it does not get to the heart of the issue.

Neither addresses the root sin in the cheater’s heart. It merely reinforces the wicked message that tells the cheater he or she is entitled to cheat.

More attention? More sex?

No, the cheater needs to develop more character!