Pastor Tim Keller Preaching On Spiritual Warfare

wpid-2014-08-17-16.48.38.jpg.jpegIf you have time (35 minutes or so), I would highly recommend that you listen to this audio file on YouTube of Pastor Timothy Keller preaching on spiritual warfare. His text is taken from Ephesians 6.

As I listened to the sermon yesterday, I could not help but think of how applicable this sermon’s ideas are to adultery and its aftermath. I especially see how temptation leads adulterers/adulteresses to cheat and how accusation beats down the faithful spouse. A short version on how temptation works is that it plays into one’s pride and entitlement mindset–i.e. the person feel like they are owed either the illicit sex or the forgiveness afterwards (ergo, commiting adultery is excused by that lie). On the accusation side, the person is beaten down with devaluing messages. Both can be at work in the same person. However, I see one as more prominent in adulterers/adulteresses (Pastor Keller even says as much, and the other more present for those left behind picking up the pieces after adultery.

Fortunately, we need not be passive and accepting of these schemes. Pastor Keller goes on and shares the antidote to these twin schemes from the Devil. I hope you take a listen.

Here’s the link: Keller On Spiritual Warfare

6 thoughts on “Pastor Tim Keller Preaching On Spiritual Warfare”

  1. I have an evangelical Catholic friend. Her belief is that each and every family is under spiritual warfare, simply because the family unit is so important in our social fabric and our spiritual growth. In her opinion, the devil specifically nurtures this entitlement to cheat to ruin every family, believers or not.

    Being new to this idea, I’m not sure what I think about it, but I’m toying with it to get my mind wrapped around it.

    1. Obviously, I am inclined to agree with your friend. If Satan’s goal is to destroy people (as it is), then destroying marriages is a good way to do that. Temptation to adultery with its incredible fall out is an excellent means to incredible destruction.

  2. I believe that too. But why do they live happy, with a partner,no worries, no cares, and we are left with the burden . Doesn’t seem fair

    1. Magicrain-it’s completely unfair. The sh** sandwich as CL refers to it. I think she nailed it with that description. I don’t think there’s any better word than sh** for it either, that’s what it is. I don’t know why they appear to live happy. It’s the question that haunts us all. I would assume that they appear to live happy b/c they don’t have a conscience and they don’t stand for anything since their moral compass seems non-existent if they’re just gonna go off and sleep around with anything that walks on 2 legs while they’re married. But as CL says, leave their skein be. They will fall and they will fall hard. I know DM has referenced a handful of scriptures that God will judge, they will reap what they sow. Sooner or later they’re gonna run into a Minny and find themselves in the role of Mrs. Hilly eating what they think is a nice pie…(if you don’t catch the reference watch The Help). In the mean time, channel those black belts, sucker punch that mess of satan’s lies in the face and keep walking. You are mighty!

  3. Sandcastlefaith – sand is not very strong. You should go with brick or adobe mud.

    I think marriages should start off with a questionnaire. Let each partner know where they stand and what they’re willing to do. [Edited content about sexual activity preferences.]

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