Prayers Appreciated!

IMG_3469Dear Readers,

As an act of faith, I am planning on pitching an article on caring for adultery survivors to an online Christian magazine soon. The idea is to bring more exposure to the blog, and this online publication is to an edgy evangelical online magazine with many readers. If they pick it up, I will be letting you all know.

I just would appreciate your prayers for favor (i.e. it would be published) and for spiritual protection. If it does get picked up, I expect significant push back from well-meaning yet clueless Christians. Plus, Satan is having a heyday destroying lives through ignoring adultery in the Church; I doubt he wants attention brought to this issue. And I especially doubt he wants faithful spouses comforted and supported as I hope my article will promote.



Article has been submitted electronically. Now, we wait…

7 thoughts on “Prayers Appreciated!”

  1. You got it! I agree that Satan is having a hey day with this and so many churches are letting him. Keep us posted!

  2. I’m praying too. Satan destroyed my family and I don’t want it to happen to other christian families.

  3. I just said a prayer for you and your article to be picked up God willing…you have been so helpful with your Blog as really there is not much out there in this area. I ran across an interesting article published some time ago regarding acceptable reasons for Christians to divorce and the author had an interesting stance and a little Biblical history in context (which I have not independently looked into) to back up his points
    Perhaps you have already seen this?

    1. Sounreal,

      I am familiar with David Instone-Brewer’s work (author of the CT article). Personally, I don’t agree with his exegetical positions and the way he introduces history as authoritative. We may arrive at similar end results with divorce being allowed in abusive situations (me arguing this through I Cor 7 abandonment clause) and adultery; however, I feel that his positions are not sound Scripturally. That’s my short response.


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