Prophetic Encounter And God’s Encouragement


But one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them, and comforts them.

– I Corinthians 14:3, NLT

Fresh off my trip back home to Minnesota, I went to a church meeting for young adults at my charismatic, evangelical home church. I had just discovered the Other Man as well as strong indicators the months long relationship had gone sexual with my (now ex) wife and him. To say I was struggling at this point is an understatement.

At this church gathering, someone I knew casually pulled me aside to share some prophetic words with me–i.e. words that God had laid on his heart to share. Without knowing my marital situation at all, he shared two major words with me:

1. “It’s not your fault.”

2. “You’ve been more faithful than you know.”

These timely words strengthened me at a critical time. They bolstered me up for the confrontation I had with my (now ex) wife where she denied–i.e. lied–about the Other Man. They helped me when I really needed a word from my living, loving God.

Does God speak today?


Experiences like that experience I had in the August of 2012 convince me of this truth beyond a doubt. God is active and alive. He knows how to get His words to His sheep–especially those really hurting sheep. I testify to this truth.

Can you testify to such a timely, prophetic word yourself?

2 thoughts on “Prophetic Encounter And God’s Encouragement”

  1. “Can you testify to such a timely, prophetic word yourself?”

    Precious DM,

    Oh, My Goodness!!! Can I ever!!! Multitudes of times!! Repeatedly! (I was a loooong-term chump….Silly me! So, there were lots of ‘words’ from God before I finally ‘got it’ & got out!) However, there were many times that, even as the words came out of a person’s mouth, I wondered if those words were actually a message from God.

    However, I do not have the time or energy to share any details at this moment.

    But, yes…..Many times, different friends and even casual acquaintances had a ‘word’ for me. It sometimes took me a while to put it all together…..But especially looking back, I can see so many comments made that actually defy ‘human logic’.

    Our Creator always ‘has our backs’ if we are truly striving, from our hearts, to serve him and does what he can to help us, to warn us, to comfort us, to guide us.

    Will try to share some details another time…..Thank you for sharing yours!

    Forge on, My Friend….ForgeOn!

  2. I found as a Christian woman facing the aftermath of learning my spouse was cheating, that there is a different standard for women like me. A man in my church asked me “Are you sure that you didn’t somehow contribute to him trying to seek out another woman? You know, Terry, men require a lot of attention.” I told my pastor the day I learned of my then husband’s activities, that I just could not do this anymore. After so many years of his abuse and previous so called emotional affairs, I couldn’t do it anymore. I could no longer stay with a man so filled with deceit. My pastor said, ” No! you can’t divorce!” My now ex was the Sunday school teacher for the elderly married couples prior to our learning of his exploits. A few months after our separation, I ran into one of the men from his class. He hugged me and said, “You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are right in not staying with him.” I needed that. I have a tendency to take on blame that I don’t deserve. Yes, God does send us a word through his children.

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