PSA: We call those “affair partners.”

Public Service Announcement:


Cheaters seem to need help. They struggle mightily in labeling their relationships appropriately.

Too often, they confuse “affair partners” with “friends.” And they think everyone–maybe especially the faithful spouse–are dumb enough not to know the difference.

Some of this is just playing dumb. Some of this is to aid in their subterfuge. And some of this is part of the game they play where they lie even to themselves.

So, here’s a little tutorial for cheaters:

That woman you are having sex with who isn’t your wife. She isn’t a “friend.” That woman is your affair partner. She is partner to soul raping your spouse.

That man with whom you’ve exchanged several hundred texts and spent hours with on the phone. He is not a “friend.” He is your affair partner.  You are stealing from your husband in order to give to him.

Your spouse has a problem with you continuing any sort of relationship with these individuals because you cheated (and maybe are continuing to cheat) with them!

This is not an assault on your ability to have friendships. “Friendship” in general is not the target. The affair is.

If only you started labeling relationships appropriately, then you wouldn’t have missed this obvious truth.