Ruby Slippers

I met with someone down the hall today and discovered that she went through divorce after 29 years of marriage to an emotionally abusive husband. For her healing process she journaled in the form of poems. Though her goal was her own healing and not publication her poems got published in 2008, with the help from the nudging of friends. She is a licensed social worker and has spoken at numerous conferences on domestic violence. She shares a little in the beginning about how to use journaling to help heal but the book is largely a collection of poems that she wrote. It’s not a “how to” book or a book based on research, but a journal in poetry form that shares her story of betrayal, survival and healing, having to restart her life in her 50s. I am sharing them here as I think everyone that visits here and at Chump Lady can identify with what she went through. The book is entitled Ruby Slippers, Finding Your Way Home from Emotional Abuse by Jaymee Chanen. It’s available on amazon here.  I’ve selected two poems to feature today. Enjoy. -Mrs. DM


Caveat! (p84)

Companies place warnings on cigarettes and alcohol.

Why can’t we attach labels to people?

“This man will harm you emotionally, physically or both.”

If only we could spot them,

To avoid their fatal curse.

I don’t want to be bitter,

I know there are good men out there.

I am a little scared to attract the wrong kind.

I don’t want to be hurt again.

…next time, a nice guy.

Emergence (p78)

I said it strong and bold!

I said it with finesse.

I said it if they didn’t want to be told.

I said, “I’m getting divorced!”


It was hard to say the “D” word,

Now it is part of my script.

I am saying it loud–I want it heard!


D        Is for Divide

I          Irritable when I see him

V        Volcano that erupted within me

O        Overwhelming details

R        Remember the situations

C        Course of events

E        Enlightenment

I am emerging as a woman.

Powerful beyond words.

Knows what she wants,

She will get what she deserves.

…believe it

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  1. Home Run! I appreciate the beauty in the descriptive words of expression.
    Thank you Mrs. DM for seeing the usefulness of journaling and artistry in our community.

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