Saying You Are Christian Is Not Enough!

“He that believes in the Son has everlasting life.” Is it enough, then, to believe in the Son,’ someone will say, ‘in order to have everlasting life?’ By no means! Listen to Christ declare this himself when he says, ‘Not everyone who says to me, “Lord! Lord!” shall enter into the kingdom of heaven'”

-Early Church Father John Chrysostom (349-407) in Homilies on the Gospel of John 31:1.

John Chrysostom is a major Church Father in the Eastern Church much like Augustine of Hippo is for Western Christianity.

I share this quote to highlight how important works are as signs of what truly is in the heart. Professing that Jesus is Lord is not the same as living as if Jesus is Lord.

Some cheaters love to use religious language claiming to be following Jesus while dying His Lordship over their actions. A profession is not enough…

Jesus stands ready to forgive us completely. However, Jesus requires us to bend our knee to Him making Him our Lord. It is not enough just to say he is our Lord. We must also live as if He is.

Cheaters are in for a very rude awakening come Judgment Day if they believe saying, “Sorry” while continuing the infidelity is enough to save their souls. It is not. 

God demands repentance…in actions and not just words.

If God who is far more gracious and capable of forgiving than us does not accept cheap talk, then why ought we–faithful spouses? Follow God’s model, look for the actions demonstrating the sorry.

Anything less is demonstration that they really aren’t sorry. Just as Jesus really isn’t their Lord, or they would stop grieving His Spirit by continuing in sin.  


4 thoughts on “Saying You Are Christian Is Not Enough!”

  1. DM,
    One thing that I ran into while going to a Christian therapist was the Once Saved Always Saved teachings. I was told that since my “Christian X” refused repentance, restitution, and reconciliation that he was clearly never a Christian. Therefore, X doesn’t ever have to do the “three R’s”, he just needs to really get Saved. Then he will be free to continue living in his sanctified affair-marriage.
    One way or another the Christian church seems to find an easy out for not holding adulterers accountable for their sin. No wonder so faithful spouses
    feel re-victimized and abandoned by the church!

    1. I’m so sorry Nyra. Mine didn’t leave but I did catch him hiding our money. Of course there was a reason for that. Not a good one.

      Im not sure my husband is truly a Christian either.

    2. I am going to respond to your comment, Nyra, in a post later today. This sort of thinking is messed up on so many levels! And it is the sort of thinking I created this blog to correct.

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