She calls me “my dad.”

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.

-Psalm 127:3, NLT

This past week I have had the joy of spending time at a cabin on a lake in Northern Minnesota with my wife’s side of the family.

As this picture suggests, we have had the joy of trolling the waters for sunfish, walleyes, bass, and Northern Pikes. Munchkin is an “expert” fisher.

Within Christian cycles, much is made of the losses that come with divorce. This is fair. The losses are catastrophic.

But the losses are not the full story.

My divorce paved the way for me to start anew with my current family. It made it possible for me to become Munckin’s dad.

It’s a title she uses whenever she needs to convince the other adults that it is okay for her to have a treat–because my dad said so. 

I love that little girl.

She never would have entered my life if I had remained married to my former wife. And I would have missed out on the playful friendship I have with Mrs. DM as well.

Divorce is not just about loss.

Divorce opens new opportunities for the future. It is a first step towards a life free from the abuse of an adulterous spouse. After all, divorce opened the way for God to bless me with Mrs. DM and Munchkin.