Someone Always Wants You


DM in 2011

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

– John 6:37, KJV

I have almost always been a large man. Sometimes I have struggled in embracing this reality as part of how God made me. It is just one more opening Satan has used to sow shame and rejection at various points in my life.

One aspect of adultery discovery, divorce, and/or abandonment is how one may feel insecure and unlovable as a result of such traumatic events. Existing openings are salted during this time. In fact, the cheater might even throw the salt directly in such wounds on his or her way out knowing your vulnerabilities all too well.

I want to encourage you and arm you with Scripture to fight off such demonic attacks. The verse above is a reminder to us that Jesus will never turn us away as His.

We are accepted, not rejected.

A song that has ministered to my heart when I have felt insecure about my physicality is “More Than Ashes” by Tim Reimherr/Merchant Band.

May it minister to you as well:


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  1. Beautiful song, anointed! Thanks for sharing this encoouragement today, exactly what I needed.

    Peace ~~

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