Taylor Swift, Sexual Assault, and Adultery Victim Blaming Parallels

Recently, Taylor Swift testified in a court case where a DJ was suing her for losing his job. This DJ, David Mueller, had grabbed Taylor Swift’s bottom–i.e. sexually assaulted her–and got fired over this unacceptable behavior by his employer (more info here).

Taylor was testifying about her feelings regarding his firing. Essentially, she makes it clear that she is not responsible for the consequences caused by his actions.

Sarah Todd, the reporter who wrote the piece “Don’t Shake it off: Taylor Swift’s Sexual Assault Testimony Call Out One of Today’s Most Persistent Sexist Myths,” summarizes the major point of what Swift said:

“When a man assaults a woman, any consequences he faces are a result of his own actions. Women don’t need to feel bad about that.”

I could not help but think of faithful spouses–of both sexes–when I read this statement. To restate this:

When a cheater soul rapes their spouse, any consequences the cheater faces are a result of the cheater’s own actions. Faithful spouses don’t need to feel bad about that.

Infidelity leaves a wide wake of destruction. Faithful spouses are not the ones who launched that ship. The cheater did.

-If the cheater really cared about the kids, he could have chosen to stay faithful to his wife.

-If the cheater really wanted to avoid divorce, she could have kept her knees closed to her “friend.”

-If the cheater did not want people thinking poorly of them, then the cheater should have not behaved poorly.

Like Mueller objecting to the consequences to his actions, cheaters–and their supporters–are swift to ignore their full responsibility for the wicked actions that actually are the cause of the negative consequences.

If anyone should feel bad about the “broken” home, it should be the one who broke it by breaking the marriage vows!