Tears As Seeds

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

-Psalm 126:5-6, KJV


I recall listening to a sermon by Pastor Bill Johnson about this word picture. He explained the idea as one going hungry and weeping because the grain must be used as seed in order to secure the future. So, the person plants with tears the grain he wishes he could eat now. Yet the harvest is when there is rejoicing and “sheaves” of plentiful grain after the Spring season of tears.

This picture is very applicable to faithful spouses.

I can look back at the difficult “Spring” season of tears. These were tears shed over the death of my marriage. They were tears sown into the ground over what could no longer be. These were bitter tears of suffering born of discovering infidelity and loss of companionship.

But God did not waste those tears…

He took those tears…a necessary part of grieving…and transformed them into a bountiful harvest. A harvest in ministry both professionally and avocationally with this blog. A harvest personally in bringing Mrs. DM and Munchkin into my life.


The old seed of my first marriage had to go into the ground and die first in order to create the bountiful harvest I now enjoy from the Lord. What Satan designed to destroy my life and ministry God superintended to launch me into life and ministry in the fullest.

Today, you may find yourself sowing in tears.

It may look bleak and hopeless.

What little you have control over, you may be tempted to sell for a “loaf” today–i.e. a pause in the divorce proceedings that you know need to take place, a one-night stand with your unrepentant adulterous partner, or even with a third party, etc.

But that is to loose out on the greater harvest tomorrow.

Do not run away from your tears but shed them and plant them.

Do not forget God is known to takes those tears


transform them into an abundant harvest!