Testify to Adultery Intolerance!

God says, “If a husband divorces his wife
And she goes from him
And belongs to another man,
Will he still return to her?
Will not that land be completely polluted?
But you are a harlot with many lovers;
Yet you turn to Me,” declares the Lord.

-Jeremiah 3:1, NASB

Do you notice the assumption behind this statement?

The assumption is that the holy party will not allow a spouse to return to a marriage after that spouse has been with another. Remarriage is not considered the commendable option or de facto godly option here!

God is saying in this verse that the Jewish men would not accept being Plan B with a former wife; so, why would God?!

Does this mean God has a “hard-heart?” Is God chiding the Jewish men for refusing to take back their former wives who have been with other men? 


The fact that a (former) wife slept with other men is disqualifying for her marrying a righteous man. And if this is true following divorce, it is not much of a stretch to see the same applies to divorcing an adulterous partner.

I am tired of Christians treating faithful spouses as defective for being intolerant of adulterous behavior to the point of divorcing the adulterous party!

The faithful spouse who divorces the adulterous party is not deficient in his or her heart. They are acting in alignment with God’s demands for holy living.

And the faithful spouse need not be ashamed of their adultery intolerance.

In fact, they ought to be extolled and asked to testify to such godly intolerance!