The Rejected Ones

-Acts 4:11-12, NIV


How is Jesus identified by the Apostle Peter on Pentecost?

He is The Rejected One.

This Rejected One is the cornerstone of our faith and the true Church. So,it ought to give us–faithful spouses–comfort to know God is all about taking the rejected ones and doing something wonderful through their lives.

The world may caste us away, but God delights in shaming the world through its castoffs (see I Corinthians 1:27).

Faithful and abandoned spouses have a unique perspective that is valuable for the church to recognize. They can relate–in part–to Jesus in ways that others cannot.

A faithful spouse knows the violent and painful rejection that adultery is.

An abandoned spouse knows what it feels like to be treated as not “good enough.”

A faithful spouse knows the hurt of the “builder” choosing someone else.

And, yet, the rejected ones are the sort of people God chooses to welcome into His Presence. These are the people God uses to transform the world. They are people who can “get” God’s heart in ways that others may struggle to or never attain.

The True Church–invisible–is the last place to turn such individuals away.

The visible Church may turn them away and reinforce the world’s rejection. However, in as much as the visible church does this, they are building with shoddy materials (e.g. 1 Cor 3:10-15). And Scripture assures us that they will suffer real loss on Judgment Day.

That’s a stern warning.

I am proud to be counted in the tribe known as “the rejected ones” as the leader of this tribe is Jesus. In the end, the rejected ones are really the most accepted of all beings as they are eternally embraced into the bosom of Love.

2 thoughts on “The Rejected Ones”

  1. I want to thank you for this blog, I’ve been struggling for 2 years. A misguided councilor placing blame on me and a husband who loved sharing the blame lead me down a dark path. I wish I would have found you then! Thank you for validating my feelings. I wish this would pop up in google searches over all the others that say your marriage was already broken. Mine wasn’t, it was strong my husband was weak. He liked the feeling it gave him and none of that is mine to own. Keep spreading the truth, you helped this woman’s heart.

    1. Hurt,

      Welcome to DM! Thank you for your kind words…I am so glad to hear that God is using the words here to support you in this difficult time.

      God Bless!
      Pastor David

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