Top Five Divorce Minister Posts of 2016

With the close of one year and the beginning of the next, it is time to look back to see what people found most helpful or interesting on Divorce Minister: Taking Adultery Seriously.

Top Five Posts:

5. God’s Emotional Response To Adultery – 2,398 views

This post points out God’s very angry and furious response to the idolatrous adultery of His people. I point out that God is modeling the way to respond to adultery–namely, with righteous anger.

4. Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, The Village Church Scandal – 2, 498

This post ties the Driscoll patriarchal teaching regarding divorce and infidelity to the mess at Matt Chandler’s church with Karen Hinkley. He advocates for pastors deciding for spouses regarding divorce or remaining in the marriage. I make the point such advocacy or stance is an usurpation of agency from adults.

3. I Disagree With John Piper On Adultery/Divorce  – 2,856

With this post, I challenge Piper’s hard-line stance against divorce and remarriage under any circumstances. I make my case for why I believe Piper is wrong biblically on his stance.

2. Forsaking all others – 3,837

I talk healthy boundary settings in actually living up to this part of the marriage vows. This post helps to untangle the cheater falsely labeling of the faithful spouse as being “controlling” from a faithful spouse just trying to preserve the marriage union from real outside threats.

1. Is it really “just” an emotional affair? -4,074

My most popular post shares some tough truth about confessed “emotional affairs.” First, I encourage pastors to not fall for the cheater blaming his spouse for the confessed emotional affair. Second, I remind all that liars lie and to remember that with this confession from a liar–i.e. a cheater. Finally, I point out that incentives exist within the evangelical Christian community to only confess to an emotional affair as adultery is viewed and treated much more seriously than emotional affairs generally.

With that, I will leave you with some final statistics from 2016. This is to give you all an idea of how we are expanding as a movement. It also gives you a picture of who comes to Divorce Minister regularly.

God is moving. We are legion!

Total views for the year was 132, 674 from 59,674 visitors hailing from 174 different nations or state entities.

Top 10 Countries:

10. Singapore – 641 views

9. Italy – 664

8. European Union – 766

7. Philippines – 862

6. Norway – 1,367

5. South Africa – 1, 483

4. Australia – 2,374

3. United Kingdom – 4, 320

2. Canada – 5, 231

1. USA – 108, 064