Values Irony

This song is part of the soundtrack from my childhood. “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” by The Cathedrals would play on the car audio system on our many holiday trips to and from my grandparent’s home in Mt. Lake, MN. Often, I would fall to sleep to these beautiful lyrics about God’s faithfulness and unchanging ways.

In other words, I was steeped in valuing faithfulness–i.e. God’s–and loyalty from a very young age. It is no wonder I take loyalty very seriously to this day!

The irony enters when my life story. Here’s a man who loves God and values His faithfulness seeking relationships that reflect such a value. He gets married. And his wife–my first wife–demonstrates a set of values in opposition to this dear value. She commits adultery and abandons the marriage via divorce.

The always faithful God versus the unfaithful (ex) wife.

That is a contrast in choice–on my part. But I am glad that my faithful God always chose me and stayed with me. Human relationships my shatter and fail through faithless betrayals. However, God remains firmly established. He is never unfaithful.

May this song from my childhood and its solid lyrics minister to your heart as you remember the goodness of God and his forever faithfulness to you!