When God Gives You A Different Miracle…

This song by Third Day came out around the time I was in the pits of desperation and despair. It’s message about needing a miracle really resonated with me back then. It still stirs my heart listening to it today.

While the miracle I sought was a resurrected marriage, God chose to not give me that miracle…

He gave me something better!

I would add my life today is no less of a miracle.


It is a life filled with laughter, joy, family, and meaningful ministry. This was not the “miracle” I had in mind. In fact, I could not even envision the wonderful life I have now just three years ago. But God could…

I share this as an encouragement.

You may only be able to see your losses today.

Fear may loom big for you.

Do not loose heart.

God still does miracles today.

He is the giver of perfect gifts (James 1:17) and loves His children like a good father (e.g. Matthew 7:8-11).

It just might be a very different miracle

than the one you think you need today.

1 thought on “When God Gives You A Different Miracle…”

  1. I just wanted to say thank you.

    I am dealing with the total devastation of a end to my marriage of twenty years.

    My wife cheated on me, with her recently deceased sisters, husband some four months after her sisters death.

    Telling me that she had not loved me for seven years, and then listing all the reasons it was my fault, chief of which was my faith and the fact her friends could not stand me. Those friends who are also in Adultery.

    She walked out on me in January taking as much as she could but leaving me to raise both my Daughters 100% alone, which was a major blessing.

    The hypocrisy being she denied there was anyone else and does so to this day although living with my soon to be ex brother in law. Thankfully the lord lead me to the condoms so I had no doubt.

    Whilst I struggle at the moment under the shear crushing weight of this wound and rape to my soul, your words give me hope, that Jesus may too give me beauty for the ashes I currently live in.

    Please know your daily writings ( and the occasional writings of Mrs DM), do make a difference to my life and I am certain many others.

    Thank you again.

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