Another Anniversary–God Vindicates!

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Ten years.

Today, I would have been married ten years. But different plans were in the works….

God has taken the shipwreck of my first marriage and built a new, better life out of the reclaimed wood. I am so thankful for the new life He has given me. God has truly been my Vindication.

The irony of this day is how I will observe it. Tonight, I am taking my daughter, Munchkin, out for a daddy-daughter date. She is truly a ray of bright sunshine in my life. I would not trade being her “Daddy” for anything in the world. (Nor would I trade being married to “Mrs. DM,” my true friend and most equal partner.)

This “observance” is ironic as my ex-wife leveled accusations on the way to the divorce about how I would be an unfit father who would let my children starve. 

So, on this–what would’ve been our tenth anniversary–I take out my step-daughter to eat. Ha! God got the last laugh on this one. And I am so thankful for the new life and new family He has given me!


3 thoughts on “Another Anniversary–God Vindicates!”

  1. “an unfit father who would let my children starve.”

    If she has to say crap like this, you must be a man God who makes God proud. If she had something real to throw at you, she wouldn’t be hitting you with baseless accusations…

    Munchkin is such a cutie. Certainly looks like a child that’s taken care of to me 🙂

  2. Congratulations for ten years not spent in misery. Apparently not only are you able to feed a small child, but you have chosen to Father a child not of your loins. How outstanding is that, when so many fathers completely walk away from their responsibilities.
    What a wonderfully radiant wife you have. Her light is apparent in a simple photo.
    I’m sorry about the preliminary results you had to go through to get the true Gift…..Beautiful.

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