Bitter? Naw. Blessed, I am.


When things go sour with some commentators here on Divorce Minister, the person is quick to pull out the “bitter card” or suggest I need more time to heal. The funny thing about that sort of ad hominem (“to the man”) fallacious assault is how crazy it is. They have only a partial picture of who I am from reading this blog. Very partial.

While Divorce Minister is an important part of my life, it is still just a part.

In fact, those who interact with me from day to day probably have no idea I’m a blogger who writes about taking adultery seriously. They may not even know that I am divorced let alone the circumstances of that divorce. To them, I am just the jolly teddy bear pastor they see each day.

I am not bitter, but blessed. Very blessed.

I am so blessed by God that I feel compelled to share that blessing with others who inhabit the shoes I once wore not all that long ago.

It is not out of bitterness that this blog was born. 

This blog was born out of blessing.

Blessings that come from God bestowing hard won wisdom as well as a testimony that God does and did see me through the dark valleys of adultery discovery, abandonment, and divorce. And if God could do that for me, I am sure He  can do that for you as well. He is alive and active to this day. My life is a living testimony to that truth.

So, I will continue on being a blessing to those who are in dire need of encouragement, the faithful spouses.

I’m not bitter. Naw. I’m blessed!


4 thoughts on “Bitter? Naw. Blessed, I am.”

  1. I have never been troubled by your sometimes impassioned writings. Keep writing. You speak from your heart and you share terrific guidance and Biblical reference and commentary

  2. Thanks forgiving encouragement to those of us who do not see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet.

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