Christian Janeway’s Story Exposes How Adultery Hurts Even Adult Kids

Plenty of people have told me that my father has “repented.” However, none of them heard the tender, soft, heart-felt denial of his affair that night in our family garage. None of them heard how much affection he can put into a lie. None of them had heard him swear on the Bible that he had not touched any drugs. None of them had to re-evaluate every childhood memory, and realize, “Oh no, he actually chose jobs that would allow him to sleep around, do drugs, and swindle money from his employers and family.”

-Christian Janeway on The Wartburg Watch blog (post here)


Along with the scandals of the Duggars and The Village Church breaking, this story was added to a blog post covering those sad stories adding to the voices trying to wake evangelical-land out of its naive stupor. I am posting about it today as it has direct relevance to the subject matter of this blog.

The author of this story shares about how adultery and deceit ravaged her family. She shares about how accomplished of a liar and manipulator her father is. And she shares that her mother attempted suicide multiple times when she was in college following her father leaving her for another woman.

Adultery is ugly.

It hurts and impacts more than “just” the faithful spouse.

God calls it evil for good reason (see Deuteronomy 22:22).

Today, I join my voice along with Christian Janeway in calling fellow Christians to wake up! We live in a world where people abuse children and cheat on their spouses with no remorse. Some accomplished and cold-blooded deceivers are in our midst.

Evil is present.

It is a fool who pretends it does not exist.

And it is a fool who does not realize that a lifelong liar has probably developed some “skills” in deceiving.

These truths are good to remember when thinking about stories involving years of deception whether in regards to pedophilia or adultery.