DM Blog Milestone: 100,000+ Unique Visitors!!!


PTL: 100,000+ Unique Visitors From 165+ Countries!

A little over two years ago, I started Divorce Minister wondering if anyone would bother to read my thoughts about divorce, adultery, and Christianity. Today, I have seen the blog traffic monitor cross a major threshold. The verdict is in…

Over one hundred thousand individuals have demonstrated their interest in the subject matter of this blog by visiting it. 

That is both encouraging and sad. It is encouraging that the word about taking adultery seriously is getting out there. It is sad that the need for a pastor’s voice on such matters is so clearly needed.

Well, thank you to all those who visit and made this milestone possible. I hope someday to put this message to page (btw, I’ve started) and publish a book on the topic as the interest here tells me that such literature is a very needed resource.


4 thoughts on “DM Blog Milestone: 100,000+ Unique Visitors!!!”

  1. Congratulations DM!
    I have begun li king to your blog in comments in Facebook groups I am a part of. Getting very positive feedback.
    Keep Going!

  2. Do it!! You give a Godly perspective on adultery and divorce. Much needed and very comforting to those who have been faithful and a ‘chump’. At a time when Christ is exceedingly very present, it is odd how out of step the Bride of Christ is with Christ’s view on adultery. So. thank-you!!!! Publish!!!!

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