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While this is not necessarily a blanket endorsement (as I have not read it all and disagree with some stuff), I think SHRINK4MEN is an excellent resource in general for faithful spouses. It is focused on helping men deal with abusive female partners. However, I think the advice is broad enough to help female readers as well.

Personally, it is refreshing for me to read something from the mental health world that isn’t all about propping up “The Shared Responsibility Lie.” I am glad to know some mental health professionals get “it.”

Here’s a link to the latest blog entry that I found rather insightful:

Taking Back your Life from a Narcissist or a Borderline




4 thoughts on “Feature Resource: SHRINK4MEN”

  1. DM!

    I checked it out. Thank you so very much! I would have never found this resource on my own.

    Yes, it is ‘general’ enough to be of excellent benefit to us ladies.

    However, my greatest reason to thank you is that I plan to share it with my son. I believe his wife is somewhere on the spectrum of the ‘Cluster B’s’. Since it is addressed primarily to the fellas, he will be more likely to be receptive.

    As always, LOVE what you are doing. I read EVERY post. Soon you will be up there with our lovely Tracy, rolling over the 10 million mark!

    Forge on, my friend….ForgeOn!

    1. Excellent. I am sad to hear that he may need this advice/education. But I am glad to hear that this post has already been beneficial to someone. Another reader who is a FB friend with me alerted me to the website a while back, and I thought others might appreciate what is shared there as I have (and my friend has).

  2. Great resource. I read the article and got a lot out of as a woman. It is great to see something geared towards men. Because most times when society think of infidelity:
    1. It tends to assume the cheater was the male.
    2. It tends to believer that women are more devastated by infidelity then men are.
    Both, are untrue of course.
    Thanks for sharing. I truly appreciate your posting they have helped as a faithful spouse that is a Christian tremendously. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this link. She is unwittingly ghosting my autobiography.

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