Having a cat helped!


Mr. Pickles, the cat, on my shoulders

I am sure having Mr. Pickles, my cat, greatly helped my sanity.

He made my apartment a home. I was able to come back to a living creature who actually was excited to see me.

Unlike the bad reputation often given to cats, this cat actually waited for me at my door on a regular basis. He even would roll over for me to rub his belly (then pounce on my leg with his front claws playfully, of course).

I am sooo thankful that I had a cat during the breakup of my first marriage!

One of the greatest losses for me during my first marriage’s ending was the loss of physical touch. Touch is what conveys love to me. So, the actual physical separation part was downright painful for me, because it meant deprivation of that touch–ergo, deprivation of what communicated love to me.

Having a pet helped me cope with this new reality.


While Mr. Pickles was probably just going for some warmth, I really appreciated the time my cat would snuggle and purr with me. It conveyed love–however imperfectly–to me. I was grateful that when I went to bed a small, warm body was there snuggling at my feet each night.

It helped me feel less alone.

And his purring presence reminded me that I was not unlovable.

Mr. Pickles is now living large on a farm somewhere as Mrs. DM is allergic, and he is not good around little kids. That said, I will forever be grateful for the role he played in my life helping me through some of the darkest chapters in my life’s history. I thank God for him.

And I recommend having a pet if you find yourself alone walking this journey. Dogs make excellent companions, too.

2 thoughts on “Having a cat helped!”

  1. Mr. Pickles is truly a Godsend. No doubt about it. At 56 and the last of my 3 delightful rescues turning 12, I looked ahead to a time of rescuing old dogs who had outlasted their old people. God had other ideas. I ended up rescuing a pit bull (which my 3 children thought quite funny since I was not a pit bull lover) and a puppy on her way to the pound. My 12 year old puppy has thoroughly enjoyed becoming ‘Auntie Gidget’, and my 2 newly rescued pups have played a huge roll in my surviving accepting that my ex had cheated prolifically for at least 28 years, and was proclaiming his innocence to everyone. Excruciating pain. God supplied my four legged comforters in addition to 5 women who came alongside me.
    My pit is as sweet as can be, and cannot get close enough to my at night, a great comfort and my Red is very sensitive to my bad days, and is a great comforter. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! 3

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