“Innocent Party” in divorce

Is there such thing as an “innocent party” in a divorce?


I struggled with this question when fighting to retain my minister’s license years ago. Psycho-babble is  winning when we cannot identify or distinguish between the innocent and the perpetrator.

Now, I understand the those who say we all have contributions to the marriage relationships. Those contributions are rarely–if ever–without sin.

Marital sin, in general, is not what this question is asking about.

Another way to ask the question is:

Is one party innocent of sin God considers marriage ending–e.g. adultery? If so, that individual is the “innocent party” in the divorce.

The faithful spouse is the “innocent party” in a divorce as they did not commit adultery. And it matters not whether the faithful spouse files the paperwork.

They remain the “innocent party” as they remain innocent of sins God considers marriage ending matters.