Ministering Music

When I was in the darkest valley of sorrow and pain, I found songs of truth to soothe my hurting soul. Some were contemporary songs. But many were old hymns filled with rich lyrics written by people who shared with the world the truth of Scripture hardened like a diamond by their own personal suffering.

Timeless is what comes to mind.

“Be Still, My Soul” is one hymn that ministered and continues to minister to me. Give it a listen as you feel overwhelmed by life’s worries and pains. I have provided a contemporary version with lyrics below:

5 thoughts on “Ministering Music”

  1. Yes, music has been very comforting to me as well. My Heart is Broken by Evanescence, a favorite, the way she powers out the words helped a lot as though she was giving a voice to my overwhelming pain. My best hymn, guide me o thou Great Jehovah. Great words, I am weak but thou art mighty hold me with thy powerful hand.

  2. Pastor David, Love , this song on the album…can’t stop playing it. One Thing I Know. šŸ™‚

  3. As a worship leader and ministering with my now Ex husband for almost 20yr in music I found it really hard in the very begining to listern to worship or gosple music and found myself discovering bands like
    One Republic, Adele, The Fray, and sitting in a church where music was not one of their giftings. But I found great solas in that and it allow me to find me without expectation. I have since refound my love for worship and have begun to sing as a part of the worship team in the church and love it.

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