Mr. Pickles, the cat


The ravens brought him bread and meat each morning and evening, and he drank from the brook.

-I Kings 17:6, NLT

This verse is about how God used His creatures to care for His prophet, Elijah. I quote it as a model of how God continues to use animals to care for the dear humans that He calls His children.

Such an animal for me was my furry buddy, Mr. Pickles.

I honestly don’t know if I would have made it through that awful season of abandonment and infidelity discovery without his loving presence by my side. He was a great balm to my bleeding emotions. I bet many of you have your own stories about a cat, dog, or other creature who supported you emotionally during your darkest days.

Mr. Pickles liked to sleep at the foot of my bed entwined between my feet. This made me feel loved during a time when I acutely felt the absence of my (now) ex-wife. A warm body–even of a cat–made a difference in helping me to remember that I was lovable.

God is still in the business of caring for His children through His creatures.

I know because He did so through Mr. Pickles for me.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Pickles, the cat”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that the animal creation is that kind of a gift from our beloved Creator! So glad you had your Mr, Pickles at your side. The critters know when we are hurting and pour on extra attention & affection!

    Most everyone I know has a ‘critter story’ to share, whether it was dealing with cheating, divorce, cancer or loss of a loved one in death. Many hospitals and care facilities are understanding that & either allow a patient’s own pets to visit or have ‘therapy animals’ come by.

    One of our assignments from our Creator is to care for the animal creation. Though most of mankind has failed miserably at that assignment, those of us who take our obligations to our God seriously end up benefiting far more from the critters than the critters do from us! (IMHO) Love ’em all, large or small, furred, feathered, finned or scaled!

    I have had several critters in my life during this awful time, both dogs & cats, some have been mine & some belong to friends. Just precious what they bring to our lives! (Oh and one sweet burro!)

    Unfortunately for me, my 2 surviving critters reside with cheaterpants! But, I do get to see them and care for them regularly. Cheaterpants can see the difference in the critters when I am not around, so he does not try to keep them from me.

    Forge on, DM!

  2. I know God brought my big crazy puppy into my life at the time He did to help me through my discovery of ex-husband’s infidelity and subsequent divorce. Not only has he been something to love and cuddle, but he’s so ornery and into everything that it’s taken my mind off a lot of my troubles just trying to keep up with him. There’s no way I can just lie around on the couch in despair or he will destroy the couch around me ha! Forced to take him for walks to help wear him out, which helps so much with the mental depression, plus doesn’t hurt the waistline either. He’s always very concerned if I’m crying and his antics make me laugh like nothing else does these days. So thankful.

  3. God bless Mr. Pickles. I have a blessed cat of my own who is both sweet and sassy, depending on mood. I’m convinced animals are so precious because they weren’t affected by the fall of mankind like humans were.

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