Pastor Matt Chandler on the De-churched

A major danger during the time of adultery discovery and divorce is to lose one’s faith. Pastor Matt Chandler does an excellent job in this brief clip explaining how that can easily happen. He even names divorce as one of potential catalysts.

Maybe you can relate to this clip?

I can.

It felt extremely unjust to experience what I did. I had waited to have sex until after I was married. I had refused to date a non-Christian even when that drastically reduced the potential pool of dates. And I had vetted my choice of a spouse through my parents and other trusted, older Christians before I married her. We even did premarital counseling and preventative marriage counseling afterwards. None of this protected me from my first marriage ending in my former spouse’s adultery and our divorce.

And it was tempting to blame God for this.

I did it “right!”

Well, as Pastor Chandler hints at the end of the clip, the Bible is full of people who did it “right” and still suffered. We are in good company:

Joseph fled lecherous Potiphar’s wife. He ended up in jail for years for not committing adultery with her.

Job was a righteous man. He lost all his wealth, his children, and his health because he honored God with his life.

Daniel was a man of prayer. He was thrown into the lion’s den because he obeyed God more than man.

Being a follower of Christ is not about what we can get from God. It is about a relationship. Knowing we are never alone through life’s ups and downs.

HE is the prize! 

Nothing–not adultery discovery or divorce–can ever separate us from His love for us (Romans 8:39)!

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  1. Thank you, so much, DM for this post today! Exactly what I needed to hear. Lately the Lord has been bringin tomind the scripture from Job: Job 2.9-11 “His wife said to him, ‘Are you still holding on to your integrity? Curse God and die!’ he replied, ‘You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?'” I, like you, felt I had tried to “do it right” and have been rewarded with shame and abandonment. I need to fight every day to not believe the lie that God doesn’t care, or that he is “disciplining” me for past sins. I appreciate your encouraging posts and benefit from the every day!

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